Allan Gray
Case Study

Allan Gray


I joined Allan Gray to help with their corporate website redesign. It was a massive undertaking for the financial investment company, who is highly regarded and trusted in South Africa and throughout the world.

From the outset I established clear goals and objectives for the new website:

  • A clean, professional design that utilises whitespace principles.
  • The new site is visually appealing and functions on all platforms and devices.
  • Streamlined copy and messaging, avoiding confusion and financial jargon for site users.
  • Code optimisation to ensure fast page loading times.

My role

I was entrusted with defining the core design elements and concept for the new website. I saw value in creating a digital style guide, which would aid future internal teams at Allan Gray to ensure a consistent digital art direction for future web applications.

I worked closely with a large team of developers and business analysts to ensure that design consistency and functionality was adhered to at all times. Other responsibilities included:

  • Adapting basic wireframe documents from stakeholders and creating low-fidelity mockups for user testing, followed by final designs based on testing results and feedback.
  • Responsive design of key website pages
  • Facilitating various photoshoots for website related imagery
  • Implementation of Allan Gray’s digital style guide
  • Numerous team educational presentations on design theory and best practice examples

Allan Gray website