NSW Police
Case Study

NSW Police


I worked alongside a team of UXers and an analytics expert, to fully understand who was using the NSW Police website and why. The end result is a rather clean and simple site design, which was heavily influenced by the findings of the following research prior to design kickoff:

  • A review of site analytics to gather key information on popular pages and other site metrics
  • Interviews with NSW Police call center agents in order to get an idea of how the website can help reduce unnecessary call center load
  • Review of a two week long site survey
  • Once the research phase had been completed, I was able to start planning and designing the new site, which focused heavily on Police news and an intuitive contact decision tree on all pages, which helps users get to the right contact details quickly and easily.

    As the news area of the site is based on a very old CMS system, with no imagery, I had to design a visually appealing but useable interface for visitors to easily scan news headlines on the homepage. I also leveraged their social media channels in order to liven up the rather clean and simple homepage design with fresh imagery.

    NSW Police website